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Retired Boxer, Meldrick Taylor tells his story in his new book “2 Seconds from Glory”


The unadulterated truth and the personal account of Meldrick Taylor: Twenty years later and the controversy continues.


The Retired Boxers Foundation is an IRS 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation that exists to assist retired professional boxers in the transition from their glorious days in the ring to a dignified retirement. In the spirit of our mission, the Retired Boxers Foundation is proud to assist Meldrick Taylor, a former Olympic gold medalist and world boxing champion in two weight classes, in promoting his personal autobiography, “2 Seconds from Glory.”


The book is clearly controversial, but we respect the right of any retired fighter to make a living, and Meldrick is entitled to write his own autobiography, from what ever perspective he feels in his heart,” says Retired Boxers Foundation founder, Alex “The Bronx Bomber” Ramos, whose organization has helped Meldrick and continues to help him by announcing the release of this book.

Taylor, one of many boxing champions hailing from the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, learned his craft in the gyms of his hometown and posted a 99-4 record as an amateur fighter. In 1984, Taylor earned a spot on the 1984 U.S. Olympic team at the age of 17, and claimed the gold medal in the featherweight division. Following his victory, he joined the professional ranks.

On March 17, 1990 the boxing world was shocked when the Lightening and Thunder roared for 12 rounds in the ring and one man changed the course of history, by making history himself, with a decision that until today it is still known as “The Most Controversial Fight Stoppage in Boxing History.” The fight was billed as a unification bout between Meldrick Taylor and WBC world junior welterweight champion, Julio César Chavez, in Las Vegas. This fight drew huge media attention, as both men came in unbeaten (Taylor at 24-0-1 and Chavez at 66-0), and were regarded as two of the best boxers in the world, regardless of weight class. Their fight was one of the most famous and controversial bouts in boxing history.

Meldrick Taylor the Two Time World Champ, Youngest Olympic God Medalist, and the man known as “Lightning Hands” was winning on every card. It was just a matter of seconds before a new champ would be declared. The controversy began when referee Richard Steele, with only two seconds left on the clock of the 12th and final round, stopped the bout. According to Steele, in the post fight interview, he said that he asked Taylor twice, if he was OK and claims that Taylor did not respond. By Meldrick Taylor’s account, he was floored momentary in the final round quickly getting up. He was asked if he was ok. Taylor claims he was distracted by Lou Duva, being Lou Duva, and that he nodded his heads indicating that he was ok. Taylor said that the nod was not enough for the referee, judge, and ruler Richard Steele who stopped the fight with only two seconds remaining. That two seconds and Steele’s decision, forever changed things for Meldrick Taylor’s career, and lost him the championship belt that he felt was well earned.

An eight count would have been sufficient. Richard Steele said after the fight that “He does not want to see a fighter hurt” but a 20 year veteran at that time had to know that the red flashing light meant final seconds of the last round. Many felt that a veteran referee should of known that since it was a last round, and with only two seconds left, there was no way that any of the fighters would have received any more blows. So why did he stop the fight?

On May 20, 2009, the story is told. Meldrick Taylor, in his own words, describes his memories of that night. The book, “Two Seconds from Glory” does not just speak of the fight of March 17, 1990, but it also reveals some personal truths that were never told. Meldrick Taylor’s Autobiography and unedited accounts of his career and his life, puts perspective in a sport that he feels, has lost all perspective and is driven by only corruption, and greed. He speaks about his bouts with Howard Davis, Buddy Mc Girt, and others, as well as his Olympic experiences, his personal life, and more. Meldrick Taylor writes about those in boxing that will risk the life of someone for their personal gain, and who are also responsible for the downfall of boxing. Gumersindo Vidot, the publicist for Meldrick Taylor, said: “No boxing book, or author has ever had the guts to write the truth because of fear of reprisal, but Meldrick Taylor never pulled punches in the ring, and sure hasn’t pulled any with the book.”

The book will soon be available in many book shops but you can begin to order your copy now at.

For comments, Press Events and inquires please contact Gumersindo Vidot at 215-203-6301

DISCLAIMER: The Retired Boxers Foundation has not reviewed Meldrick Taylor’s book, “2 Seconds from Glory” and only promotes his right to free speech and his right to make a living. The book reflects Meldrick Taylor’s perspective and is not necessarily, the perspective of the Retired Boxers Foundation.

For more information about the Retired Boxers Foundation, visit their website at, or call Alex Ramos at (805) 955-9064.

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