Kerry is a veteran Senior Executive, C-Suite Officer, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Featured Speaker, Coach, and Board Member with significant success across sports, entertainment, publishing, nutrition, whole food, athletics, and fitness. Leveraging extensive experience in marketing, branding, and promotion, he is a valuable asset for startup and other young companies looking for financial oversight, operational excellence, and key talent identification, retention, and mentoring. His broad areas of expertise include strategic planning; entrepreneurship; business and network marketing strategy; motivational speaking; public relations; sports entertainment; large-scale events and promotions; global networking; lifestyle coaching; personal development; international business; team building; training; and boxing. 


In his executive career, Kerry has held leadership positions at Keeppunching Entertainment (Founder/CEO/President, >47 years); Dreams, Fairytales, and Miracles (Founder, >4 years); Speaker, Author, Mental Fitness Coach (Founder, >21 years); KMD Enterprises, Indirect Sales Company (Founder/CEO, >28 years); The Juice Plus+ Company (National Marketing Director); and Warriors Boxing Promotions (Executive Strategist). Kerry loves mentoring youth, young adults, millennials, and startup or growth companies. For an indirect sales company with business across 23 countries, he helps individuals and companies develop lucrative portfolio, sole proprietor, SMB, and retirement income. Kerry is the author of a popular personal development book, conveying messages of leadership and success from his parents’ and own lives and professional experiences (things not taught at Harvard or Yale). He regularly has spoken about success and mental fitness to audiences as large as 10,000. He has promoted and consulted professional boxers for decades; and is an award-winning international trainer. Overachieving even at age 21, Kerry was promoting shows, events, and entertainment on national TV, foregoing college to engage and develop his entrepreneurial path.


Kerry is a proud graduate of Opelousas High School in South Louisiana. He has served on boards and advisory councils, including for MLMIA (direct sales organization, 8 years); and Juice Plus+. In his humble opinion, Kerry loves what he does and hasn’t had to work a day in his life.

By Kerry Daigle
Kerry Daigle is a proud Cajun from Opelousas, Louisiana, whose thriving businesses take him around the world, from the U.S. and Canada to Australia and the U.K. In Dreams, Fairy Tales, and Miracles, Daigle shares amazing stories of his grandparents and their words of wisdom that ultimately groomed him for phenomenal achievement as a boxing promoter and businessman. Whether you’re looking for success in sports, business, or your personal life, this book will teach you, in a simple and inspirational manner, how to maximize your potential and reach your dreams! This is a story of how the front porch of a shotgun home without air-conditioning or hot water was a classroom of meaningful leadership lessons. Kerry shares how he chose the path to success and possibility amid daunting circumstances, for a life so full of pursuing dreams that there is no room for excuses-only priorities. Kerry presents sage wisdom from Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw Daigle in a genuine way that will help readers apply strategic thinking to personal development. This book is full of practical advice that will allow you to also experience dreams, fairy tales, and miracles!
— Kathryn Crockett, PhD Professor of Leadership and Management Lubbock Christian University

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