For Two Hours This Summer, Las Vegas Will Be in Central Louisiana

by Andre Courtemanche

Big-time Boxing Coming to the Banks of the Red River

Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles: all places used to hosting the bigger events in professional boxing. But this July, high-level fisticuffs are landing in an unusual spot for such things.
On Tuesday, July 18 (9 pm ET/6 pm PT), the eyes of combat-sporting world will be focused on the city of Alexandria in Central Louisiana, as “Fox Sports Boxing” brings the lights, cameras and glitz to the Rapides Parish Coliseum for a night of boxing’s best in action.
Featuring several world-class fighters including former heavyweight champion Charles Martin and undefeated local Justin Jones, the nationally televised by Fox Sports 1 event is presented by Warriors Boxing in association with Premier Boxing Champions.
While heavyweight champions fighting in Louisiana’s ninth-largest city is unusual at best, the entire effort is being spearheaded by long-time Louisiana-based boxing figure Kerry Daigle. The Executive Strategist for Warriors Boxing and head of his own Keeppunching Entertainment, Daigle is an internationally acclaimed author, life coach, trainer, manager, agent, publicist, master promoter and champion of the sport, who has been working his magic for nearly 40 years.
“The Rapides Parish Coliseum is a brand-new stadium with the potential for hosting all kinds of super events like this one,” said Daigle. “Through my contacts developed in my decades of boxing, I have been blessed to be able to help make this show a reality. I think this is a perfect place for fighters like former IBF Champion Charles Martin and former top football player from Louisiana and now undefeated in 22 fights, Justin Jones. We hope to do it again and again.”
Daigle says he’s proud to be able to bring such a grand spotlight to his beloved home state.
“This kind of exposure is not easy to get and virtually unaffordable,” he continued. “Costs for national advertising would be incredibly expensive, but with boxing, you can give the city and this incredible venue two solid hours in the limelight. I am grateful to be part of this show, which is a coup of sorts to boxing’s status quo.”