Big Time Boxing Returns To CENLA

Big Time Boxing Returns To CENLA

Article provided by CENLA Focus Magazine

Professional boxing in all its glory is coming back to Alexandria at the Rapides Parish Coliseum on Friday night, December 29th. The holidays are a time where everyone is busy enjoying family time and visiting. This will be a time Louisiana and surrounding states can take some time off and enjoy a night of fistic fury. It all started in July of this year when KeepPunching Entertainment brought national television to the City of Alexandria. The world got to see a place centered in the middle of the state that could potentially bring big time boxing back to Louisiana, with memories of the glory days from the 1930’s and 1950’s.

This time, Alexandria will host a female championship fight as one of the main events for a major title bringing in 5-time world amateur champion, Selina “The Aztec Queen” Barrios who left amateur boxing with an amazing 80 win to 3 defeat record.  This is something you would expect in Madison Square Garden or at the Forum in Los Angeles and a casino in Las Vegas. The undercard is loaded with talent that will produce fistic fireworks that the casual and most astute fan will enjoy. All across the United States, in gyms with fighters from different nationalities, you will hear the “thump, thump” sounds of gloves hitting heavy bags as these pugilists set out to chase their dreams and bring those dreams into Alexandria. Yes, these same fighters open doors to “make-shift” gymnasiums, bathed in fluorescent lights, where the smell of sweat is thick in the air.

A win in Alexandria could propel them into a national televised fight as they chase the opportunity to fight for a championship to feed their families. KeepPunching Entertainment has found a home in Alexandria to build future world champions and plans to make this city a boxing franchise for the state of Louisiana. Fans will be able to meet the young men and ladies that started their careers in Cenla and later become household names. History will be made in the Rapides Parish Coliseum and you, the fan, will be part of tales of transformation from some troubled kids who turned their lives around in the boxing ring. Boxers will arrive from different parts of the United States and possibly Canada to compete in this new arena.“Fans are going to experience a one-of-a-kind event,” says Rob Antoon, “and be offered the opportunity to purchase food service with a menu at champagne tables with snacks offered complimentary and a full bar available in the arena.” “I have yet to see this type of first-class event anywhere in the state or the USA”, says David Rivas, an employee of the Paragon Casino Resort. He concludes by saying, “On top of that, there will also be an opportunity for families to purchase tickets for as low as $11.00 until they are sold out, with other seating at $25.00,$50.00, $100 and $150.” Sponsors have stepped up with more joining in the fun atmosphere of this top notch event at the end of December.

Christmas presents sometimes are hard to figure out and buy for that sports fan. What a surprise for someone to open their present and see tickets for the fan to bring their friends and family to a fun night right before New Year. As Don King would say, “Only in America.” I beg to differ and say, “Only in Alexandria!” Keep punching!

See you at the fights for the time of your life.

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